The question would have been unfathomable even in 2013 with the mutual dislike between the Gallagher brothers, Noel and Liam, and a reunion still seemed almost impossible in 2015 in spite of assertions from Noel last January that the band would consider reuniting for the rights fee. Some might even argue that the band should STAY split up and working on thier own material, as some who caught the band on their last Vancouer show ever back 2008 might opine.

However, as reported in The Mirror, there appears to be a sort of gentleman’s agreement (is gentleman REALLY the right word to use when discussing the Gallagher Brothers?) in place between Liam and Noel, and the two are said to be on good terms again. Of course, reunions are the common currency of nostalgia and the band appear to be accutely aware of it. As quoted by Rolling Stone this past January “I think it’s ingrained in the English psyche – this idea that the glory days, the Empire, are behind us,” Gallagher said. “Led Zeppelin! The Smiths! The Jam! They should all reform! Why? So a load of middle-aged people can stand in the O2 and go, ‘They’re not as good as they used to be.’ It’d be the same with Oasis.”

Both Liam and Noel have been around the block and partied on all the others, both have all the skills needed to put together something really special should they get back in studio and leave as history the dark days of 2009 when they acrimoniously split. And ,while both moved onto produce some solid music in their subsequent acts (Liam with Beady Eye and Noel with his High Flying Birds) the thought of the two rejoining is a tanatalizing and welcome prospect for many long time fans.

Words by Gerry Toews | Photo by Stefan-de-Batselier

Don’t Look Back In Anger Oasis!


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