For a second evening this year, “And it Rocks” switched to “And it Bangs” as Trivium and DevilDriver brought their co-headlining tour to the Commodore Ballroom. The show had a strong turnout as fans flocked from all around the lower mainland to catch both the headliners, and openers After The Burial and Sylosis.

From the gallery, both After the Burial and Sylosis put on very strong shows while the crowd continued to fill into the room, with a pit forming about 12 rows of people back from the front. Ii was an evening for double kick pedals for every band and tight tight bass lines to spare.

Photos of Trivium Set One

The DevilDriver set was fairly straight forward, driving rhythm and churning guitars, aggressive vocals, containing the majority of their well known songs including a cover of Sail, a song from the Alternative band AWOLNATION, which allowed the band an opportunity to slow things down. The sound for their set was great as was the lighting. It’s refreshing to see bands who actually perform FOR and respond TO the crowd in front of them, and for that, DevilDriver, are a blessing.

Photos of Trivium Set Two

However, co-Headliner Trivium put on arguably the strongest performance to close the evening. Trivium’s compositions have always referenced the great 80’s metal bands, and even their heaviest work affords change-ups and melodic breaks from the mayhem. Singer Matt Heafy has the emotive voice for heavy metal, sounding at times like an early James Hetfield on their most recent songs. As an added bonus, the night was also bassist Paolo Gregoletto’s 28th birthday!

Strife – from Trivium’s latest Long Player, Vengeance Falls

Here is what I transcribed from the printed set list for Trivium:

FFVII AC “Divinity I” Intro
Throes of Perdition
Down From the Sky
Brave This Storm
Watch the World Burn
A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
“KG” Interlude
“In Waves” Interlude
In Waves
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr
FFVII AC “One Winged Angel” Outro

While Trivium continued to rock the stage, many of the fans taking part in the pit took breaks to enjoy their drinks, while those there to enjoy the music were left in peace. In a way, the dichotomy of it all served as a metaphor for the two headliners: both are great metal bands in their own way, but each performs metal on their own terms.

Driving Down the Darkness – from the DevilDriver 2005 release, The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand

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Photos of Devildriver

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