The Whigs

The discussions about The Whigs started long before they arrived at The Rickshaw Theatre in October 2012 to bring their High Energy Alt Rock show to Vancouver. The group, who hail from Atlanta Georgia, were coveted by management at the The Rickshaw to have a show on their stage. And, by the time of this show, and especially if you’ve followed the late night talk shows, you’d already seen the band perform, and so you knew….

The Whigs put on a fantastic show!

At times, the performance seemed reminiscent of another trio from the 90’s who broke it big with high energy sets of infectious, relentless, rock and who took the stage and held the crowd without an ounce of pretension. And, so I wondered to myself as I watched them on the stage: if I felt that I had seen a show like this once before in my life, would it be wrong at all? And for that matter, if it were wrong for The Whigs to remind me of another great band, while owning a original sound, wouldn’t it be exactly the RIGHT thing?

So there you have it. Long live The Whigs. Rock is alive and well. B)

For more information on the band, you’ll want to check their official website:

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