Saturday May 4th 2013 – Red Bull Tour Bus

For fans of both sunny afternoons and The New Pornographers, this past Saturday was a true treat twice over as the band headlined the Red Bull Tour Bus Spring 2013 Hometown Tour, Vancouver edition, performing on a tour bus converted to stage at the Cambie and Georgia street crossroad parking lot with local up-and-comers Gold & Youth opening the event with a 45 minute, uptempo set.

The announced crowd of 2500 for the promotional RSVP only event, small in comparison to concerts The New Pornographers typically headline, seemed larger than it was as attendees were in cheerful spirits, responding in unison to Carl (A.C.) Newman when he conversed with them from the stage.

Two strengths of the The New Pornographers are their deft, hook-laden melodies, and their clever lyrics, with another being their tight performances as a band. The band opened with Moves, a single from their latest album, the 2010 release “Together”, the set list for this show felt more like a greatest hits performance (minus Failsafe and My Rights vs. Yours, and perhaps one or two others). Kathryn Calder performed admirably, taking the lead vocals songs handled on album by the absent Neko Case, and the appearance of Dan Bejar allowed the group to expand into a few of their more eclectic offerings.

Here is the list of songs the band performed:

Myriad Harbour
Use It
The Laws have changed
Jackie Dressed in Cobras
Sweet Talk Sweet Talk
All the Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth
The Spirit of Giving
Sing Me Spanish Techno
From Blown Speakers
Crash Years
Silver Jenny Dollar
Mass Romantic
Testament To Youth in Verse
The Bleeding Heart Show

The Red Bull Tour Bus Tour show marked the first time The New Pornographers have performed together in Vancouver in quite some time, with each musician following their own projects and the occasional reunion for special occasions such as this one, and tours abroad. As a result, it is wonderful for Vancouverites when perform together in front of their hometown crowd, and it is with much hope that And it Rocks looks forward to their next local date.

For more information about The New Pornographers, check out:
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