Psychedelic rockers, The Black Angels, made their way back to Vancouver on May 14th in support of their latest album: Indigo Meadow. Fot this show, the band also brought along both Wall Of Death and Hanni El Khatib and so the evening turned into a bit of a mini festival when compared to the shows of many other musicians. Between the Animals Era Pink Floyd sounds of French artists Wall of Death, the soulful earnest rockers of El Khatib, and the deeply textured garage wall of psychedelia of The Black Angels, the vaulted Commodore floor vibrated to the sounds of eclectic rock’n’roll performed at the highest level of skill.

Broken Soldier – a song from Indigo Meadow

The listed Set for The Black Angels was identical to the performance in Salt Lake City a few days earlier:

I Hear Colors
The Day
Evil Things
You’re Mine
Indigo Meadow
You on the Run
Twisted Light
Black Grease
Yellow Elevator
Broken Soldier
War on Holiday
Bad Vibrations
Young Men Dead

The most recent album was well represented on this evening, and these songs were mixed with many fan favourites, all performed in front of a sell out crowd and with an assortment of patterns shining onto the musicians and the stage backdrop.

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