This past weekend on August 31st (my birthday) the Grammy award winning band, fun., co-headlined an evening with local alt-indie music darlings Tegan and Sara along with openers from San Francisco, The Mowgli’s, and local up-and comers, Gold & Youth.

Fortunately, the thunderstorms, clouds, and rain of the earlier week rescinded to lay bare our beautiful coast under clear and sunny skies. As the crowds continued to file into the venue, Gold & Youth gave the stage to The Mowgli’s and then the Mowgli’s left to make way for the headliners. By the time Tegan and Sara took to the stage, the crowd were primed.

The set list for the show was a very reasonable mix of their previous hits combined with a healthy selection of songs from their 2013 Long Player release, Heartthrob, an album which has earned the group a Canadian Radio Music Award for Best New Group – Dance/Urban/Rhythmic in addition to a spot on the Shortlist for the Polaris Award.

Video for the song, Closer, available on the album,Heartthrob

As fortune would have it, And it Rocks was blessed to receive a physical copy of the set list for the evening and it is as follows:

Back in Your Head
The Con
Messed Up
Hop a Plane
Good Go
Call it Off
Living Room
How Come

The audio quality for the venue was a superior experience for an outdoor venue, and the acoustics of the stage seemed to enhance the sound of each musician on stage. Tegan and Sara took turns throughout the set performing on either Keyboards or Guitar, and both had songs to sing lead.

Near the mid-point of the show, Sara took a moment to talk with the crowd, dedicated the next song to co-headliners, fun. adding that they were the simply “nicest guys” before leaping into a performance of Hop a Plane.

Video for the song, Hop on a Plan, available on the album, The Con

The above, along with tales of old photos of Tegan in a NKOTB t-shirt, about how the two had the pleasure of meeting the “aged gracefully” boy band, tells much about the path of the duo, from indie pop rock to the much more pop oriented direction which is reflected in the sound of the new material. And, as witnessed on the stage this evening, Tegan and Sara proved themselves adept at bringing the new material to a live setting, and placing it alongside their older work, and performing both with tremendous deftness.

To review part two of this review, including highlight’s from the set by fun., go here: fun. – Most Nights Tour

For additional information about Tegan and Sara, kindly visit their official website:
Tegan and Sara Official

Their latest album, Heartthrob comes in two versions, both of which can be purchased through iTunes:
Heartthrob (Deluxe Version)
Heartthrob (Standard Version)

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