at 317 E. Broadway, 7pm to 10:30pm by donation.

It’s time to get talented and enjoy some great performances! Got a song about liberation, a poem about love, or a dance about social justice? We accept talents of all varieties, as long as it follows our safer space policy *posted below*. Particular themes of interest include: Liberation, Queer / Gender, Animals, Social Justice, Love, Sex, Personal Struggles, or anything else you want to share.

If you have a talent you wish to share in front of a supportive group, contact Jak Mac, Bailey Morgan or Alissa Nova Raye with a description of your talent, length of performance, and name. Please also extend this invite to all your queer networks. While we prefer most of the talent to be in the LGBTQIA* spectrum, we will accept talented allies as long as they fit within our mandate. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome to attend.

If you don’t feel up to performing but want to watch everyone else perform, that is also completely welcome and encouraged. :)

*Entrance by donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.*
About the Qllective: We believe in the importance of an intersectional movement. The Queer Animal Qllective is a group of LGBTQIA identified individuals and allies working for total liberation and equality for all and the extermination of violence towards both marginalized humans and our nonhuman comrades. We stand in solidarity with those who suffer due to the oppressive systems in our society that hurts both humans and animals, and realize that violence towards one group cannot truly be ended until all groups are considered. The Queer Animal Qllective organizes on Unceded Coast Salish Territories while acknowledging the connection between colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy and other systems of oppression that create the heterosexist / transphobic and speciesist system we currently live in.

*The original version of this Safer Space Policy was written by organizers of Fur Free Toronto, and we thank them for allowing us to adopt the policy to make our community safer.

This Safer Space Policy exists to, as best as we can, eliminate/facilitate an immediate response to any oppressive actions, behaviours, and language at our official events, protests, meetings, screenings, shows, etc. These include, but are not limited to, racism, sexism, ageism, sizeism, classism, ableism, transphobia, anti-choice rhetoric, cis-sexism and heterosexism. In addition to this, violent or disrespectful remarks/actions towards/regarding nonhuman animals, or a nonhuman animal being used as pejoratives is also not welcome language.

We strive to facilitate a community and activist space that is safe and welcoming, and prioritize the needs of those typically marginalized by society. Please feel free to approach an organizer in confidence should anyone here make you feel unsafe. If you feel uncomfortable speaking to or with a male-identified person, or a cis-man, you can make this known to the women* at the event and your request for a woman* to facilitate your safety will be staunchly respected. Whenever possible, we may ask people to change or address unsafe behaviour or language. As a last resort, we reserve the right to ask people to leave our events, though we would much rather facilitate a solution and resolution that restores the safety of affected parties by corrective actions/choices.

If you have any questions or need clarification about our Safer Space Policy, please get in touch with myself or Bailey Morgan.

The following behaviours MUST result in being told to leave our events:

• Violating our Safer Space Policy, with impunity/intentionally

• Physical, verbal, or mental abuse

• Sexual harassment/unwanted touching/sexual aggression

• Intimidation/Fear tactics

The following behaviours MAY result in being told to leave at the discretion of the members(s) present, and LIKELY will warrant mediation/dialogue:

• Inappropriate / unwelcome comments and behaviours

• The use of slurs/violent/oppressive language

• Disruptive or blatantly disrespectful behaviour towards civilian (non-state representatives), organizers or individuals in attendance

• Causing a group member or event attendee discomfort or distress for any reason (including, but not limited to violating our Safer Space Policy, violating their personal space, ignoring an explicitly stated request for altered behaviour)

• Aggressive outbursts.


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