Local singer-songwriter, Pete Werner opened a show in support of the band, 54-40. It was 54-40’s 50th show at the Commodore Ballroom. It was sold out event, and the crowd was highly appreciative of Pete’s straight forward indie brand of Rock music.

Mama’s Arms – from Pete Werner’s latest release, Messing Up My Mind

Although I was unable to grasp a complete set list for Pete Werner, several of the songs he performed are available on this must recent release, Messing Up My Mind. For lower mainlanders, Pete Werner is hosting an official release party for his new album, Messing Up My Mind, at FanClub, 1050 Granville Street.

For more details about the show, please click here:
Pete Werner Official Release Party

Find out more about Pete Werner through his official website: Pete Werner
Or hit him up on Facebook:

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