Earlier this month, Monster Truck laid waste to the Commodore Ballroom stage with their heavy brand of Rawk. Their straight ahead style of rock and roll has proved to be a winning brand having both critical praise, scoring the 2013 Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year, and popular appeal with young and old listeners alike.

From start to finish, the band were focused on the task at hand- bringing the crowd to their feet, eschewing much of the usual banter in favor of driving the music home, and there were many moments where the sold out crowd sang along with their arms raised much in the way did when the band broke into their hit Sweet Mountain River. I think I saw some devils horns flashed out there too.

Here is the Monster Truck set list for the show:

Old Train *
The Lion *
Runnin’ **
Undercover Love*
I Am Freedom ***
My Love is True *
Oh Lord *
Space Nebula **
The Giant *
Sweet Mountain River *
Death Mistake **
Power of the People *
Boogie *
Psychics *
For the Sun *
Seven Seas ***
Call it a Spade
Love Attack ***
Sworded Beast ***
Righteous Smoke ***

* 2013 Furiosity
** 2012 Don’t Fuck With the Truck Collection
*** 2011 The Brown EP

Find out more about the Monster Truck through their official website: www.ilovemonstertruck.com

Photographs and words © Gerry Toews / anditrocks.com
All Rights Reserved


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