On Monday April the 29th, heavy metal band Ghost B.C. came to Vancouver to rock the Commodore Ballroom with a fierce set of their best songs in support of their sophomore effort, Infestissumam, which was released only last month, and in a most awesome fashion.

The band, who hail from Sweden, and who received a Grammis nomination for their 2010 debut album titled Opus Eponymous, are perhaps not as well known as they have a right to be in Canada, but that didn’t prevent them from drawing a healthy crowd. Speaking of the crowd, the horns were most definitely out several times throughout the show, led along by front-man Papa Emeritus II, and incited by the fierce musicianship of the band, referred to as the Nameless Ghouls. The costumes, the backdrops, lights, the pure theatrics, and the lyrics were also instrumental (see what I did there?) to making for a very memorable evening for everyone who attended.

Here was the set list for the show:

Infestissumam/Per Aspera Ad Inferni
Con Clavi Con
Prime Mover
Secular Haze
Body and Blood
Stand by Him
Death Knell
Satan’s Prayer
Year Zero

One of Ghost’s more popular songs is Ritual

In terms of sound, Ghost BC reminds me very much of the great Heavy Metal bands from the 80’s: plenty of lyrics about Devil worship and sacrifices combined with epic keyboard melodies, twin guitar assaults, thunderous bass and drums, and bone-crunching hard moments.

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