You can take the Punks out of Boston but you’ll never take the Boston out of Punks.

Dropkick Murphys traveled through town this past Monday and Tuesday for a two night performance at the Commodore Ballroom and And it Rocks was on site for the first of the night. The band have been at it for over 18 years and the skill which was so evident from the days when they first put their songs together has only matured and improved over the subsequent years.

On this evening, fans were treated to 25 songs (see set list below) two of which were covers, spanning the history of the band, and a happy ending for all with a special invite for the crowd to join the band on stage as witnessed with these photos! As you go through all of these photos containing fans, take note of all the smiles.

Photos from the gallery: these are the photos I was to take for the review.

The crowd up front were certainly willing and able to put some effort to enjoy this evening of Celtic Punk magic, and as the show progressed, we were treated to a near continual rotation of crowd surfers delivered to the front of the stage. Later on, a mosh pit formed about 6 people in from the front, and several attendees danced alone or with others around the periphery. Kudos to the security team and the band for doing such an awesome job of keeping the concert-goers and photographers safe and happy.

Here is the set list from the evening:

1. The Boys Are Back (8)
2. Citizen C.I.A. (photos) (5)
3. Black Velvet Band (photos, traditional) (4)
4. Don’t Tear Us Apart (photos) (8)

5. Prisoner’s Song (8)
6. John Law (a)
7. The Gang’s All Here (2)

8. Going Out in Style (7)
9. My Hero (8)
10. Jimmy Collins’ Wake (8)

11. Wheel of Misfortune (2)
12. The Gauntlet (3)
13. Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya (6)
14. The Walking Dead (5)
15. 78 RPM (a Stiff Little Fingers cover)

16. The Warrior’s Code (5)
17. Cruel (7)
18. The Irish Rover (traditional) (7)

19. Rose Tattoo (8)
20. I’m Shipping Up to Boston (5)
21. Worker’s Song (4)


22. Out of Our Heads (7)
23. Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced (4)
24. Skinhead on the MBTA (1)
25. Takin’ Care of Business (BTO Cover)

Album Legend:

(a) Tattoos and Scally Caps/The Early Years (1998)
(1) Do or Die (1998)
(2) The Gang’s All Here (1999)
(3) Sing Loud, Sing Proud! (2001)
(4) Blackout (2003)
(5) The Warrior’s Code (2005)
(6) The Meanest of Times (2007)
(7) Going Out In Style (2011)
(8) Signed and Sealed in Blood (2013)

Shipping Out to Boston by the DropKick Murphys

As with most bands with a lengthy history, the most recent albums received the most attention on the setlist, but the group seemed very happy to give their Vancouver fans some love with their earlier compositions. Shipping Out to Boston was one of many popular songs with the crowd as dozens of people sang along to the well known words. In this context, the 2011 Hockey wounds (and they are still open for some) seemed a distant memory.

Toward the end of the show, the band invited a group of ladies up on stage for song and then opened up the stage for as many people as who could fit. It was a fantastic experience. One young lady (Janelle) was experiencing her first ever concert and a couple photos (not published here) were taken to make her night even more special.

Mobile phone photos from the stage.


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