It isn’t too often that And it ROCKS (AIR) gets to cover a true country/western performance and in many ways, it’s an odd circumstance given the Country Music and Rock are the equivalent of kissing cousins in the musical family.

Dallas Smith would know the relationship to be as true as anyone. As lead singer lead singer of the multi-platinum selling group Default. Dallas has certainly made a case for being one Canada’s best and brightest in Modern Rock Music, so when he chose to take a turn into Country music, one couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, even with acknowledgement of the shared bloodline.

But, after the release of his first true country album titled Jumped Right In, the award nominations came, and there were wins. In 2012, Mediabase names Dallas Smith the most played Canadian Country performer. In 2013, Dallas won the Sirius XM Indie award for Country Artist of the Year, Video of the year through the BCCMA, and for Best New Country Artist at the Canadian Music Week Radio Awards. He was also nominated in several categories for both 2012 and 2013 by the Canadian Country Music Association.

Tippin Point – the latest single from Dallas Smith available on

After a performance at the 2013 Canadian Country Music Awards show in early September, Dallas Smith put together a small tour of British Columbia, and brought mutual friends The Matinee along for the trip. As it is with musicians in this day and age, social media plays a vital role in the connection between performer and audience, and so when Dallas announced the night before the show that he was looking to put on a special performance at the Commodore, there was a greater sense of intrigue than would normally accompany a Thursday evening show.

You can read the review of The Matinee here:

And so Dallas Smith and his touring band went out and did just that. Country music tends to a very visceral experience in a live environment and the performance witnessed this evening was no exception. Complete with thrilling banjo licks, dizzying guitar riffs, and booming vocals, the entire band worked the stage and the crowd with several moments where Dallas either reached into the crowd to grab clasp hands or sang a little to someone nearly one-on-one.

Here is the set list for the evening:

If It Gets You Where you Wanna Go
The Song That’s In My Head
Slow Rollin*
I Told You So*
Girl Like You*
Jumped Right In
Never Saw Goodbye
And Then Some
Tippin Point
Somebody Somewhere
Fast Cars and Freedom (Rascal Flatts cover)
Wasting my Time (Default cover)


What Kinda Love
Cochise (Audioslave Cover)
Nothin But Summer

The majority of the songs the band performed are available on his debut album, Jumped Right In, and I’ve noted which songs were covers where I noticed. In particular his cover of Audioslave was inspired, bringing a very unique charm to the Chris Cornell vocals.

Dallas Smith is currently on a North American tour, with upcoming stops in both Central Canada and the east coast of the United States. If you have a chance to catch his show now before the stadium tours, I highly recommend you do.

Find out more about Dallas Smith through his official website: Dallas Smith Music

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