This past October 11th, local indie/classic rock legends 54-40 performed to a sold out show at the Commodore Ballroom for a record 51st time in celebration of 30 years as a group, rocking the venue and the crowd with an reach into their extensive back catalog of songs which seem as fun to play as they are to hear.

As an added bonus, our friends No Sinner, an emerging bluesy hard rock group, opened the evening marking their second show at The Commodore Ballroom.

For 54-40, the evening included several highlights: the full out rock of She La transitioning to the infectious groove of Since When serve as a prime example, the inclusion of earlier gems in the form of the songs I go Blind and Baby Ran, listen to their most recent single (The Waiting) charting the history of the band from their college radio days in the ’80’s through their rise during the ’90’s, and through their more recent works.

The setlist for the evening:

** One Day In Your Life
******** Easy to Love
***** Lies to Me
***** Crossing a Canyon
*** Nice to Luv You
(new) The Waiting (new)
* Baby Ran
**** Radio Luv Song
(new) She Calls Us One (new)
** One Gun
**** Lucy
*** She La
****** Since When
******* Casual Viewing
**** Ocean Pearl


* I go Blind
***** Love You All

Album Legend

* 54-40 (1986)
** Show Me (1987)
*** Dear Dear (1992)
**** Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret (1994)
***** Trusted By Millions (1996)
****** Since When (1998)
******* Casual Viewin’ (2000)
******** Yes to Everything (2005)
********* Lost in the City (2011)

Set the Fire (1984)
Fight For Love (1989)
Goodbye Flatland (2003)
Northern Soul (2008)

In fact, with such an extensive catalogue of songs, it stood to reason that some of the bands popular songs were missing (such as Blame Your Parents, Baby Have Some Faith, Assoholic, etc) while a few albums weren’t touched at all, but overall the set list represented on every decade of their existence very well, and the band put their masterful touch on every song.

For anyone who has listened to our local radio over the past 20+ years, it is assured that you have heard (and probably really enjoyed) at least ONE of the songs they played this evening prior to arriving.

The evening itself was capped by a two song encore of I go Blind and Luv You All. For the final song, the band brought a number of ladies up from the audience to dance on stage, the elation of the women reflecting the sense of rocking fun present throughout the evening.

To find out more about 5440, kindly visit the Official 54-40 website , like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

And it Rocks was asked, along with all other photographers, to cover the entire show, and so for documentary purposes, we are providing a much larger collection of images, from an assortment of vantage points, for your review.

Photographs and words © Gerry Toews / All Rights Reserved


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